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Mike's Priorities

I believe the only way to create the change Portland needs is to prioritize equity, set concrete goals and allocate resources accordingly. With an $8 billion budget, we should be able to ensure everyone thrives. I will work collaboratively with the other council members–as well as county, state and federal officials–to achieve the following goals.

Provide Shelter for All

by building trauma-informed shelters, prioritizing families, youth and elders, and reuniting homeless individuals with their families.

Slash the Addiction Rate

by building four sobering centers, tripling detox capacity, and adding 1000 sober housing beds in order to ensure immediate access to care.

Promote REAL Economic Vitality

by restoring Portland’s national brand, placing community safety officers in merchant districts, and implementing a retail vacancy tax.

Improve Public Safety

by recruiting police officers that live in Portland, increase police-to-population ratios to the national average, and dramatically expand the use of community service officers.

Make Housing Affordable Again

by reducing barriers to middle-income housing construction, allowing modular housing in every neighborhood, and reducing permitting costs of ADUs.

Cut Child Poverty

by piloting a minimum basic income program for families, establishing “families first” housing policies, and supporting at-risk families.

Help Seniors Thrive

by incentivizing “home-sharing,” building 2,500 modular homes, and establishing a culturally responsive city-wide adult day care system.

Prepare for Extreme Weather

by having temporary cooling/warming shelters at the ready, increasing the urban tree canopy, and bolstering ice and snow removal capacity.

Make City Hall Work for YOU

by requiring that city employees work remotely no more than one day per week, implementing a constituent service system, and requiring customer satisfaction goals for city agencies.

Help Summers Shine

by dramatically increasing access to summer camps, making Sunday parkways the norm, and building more pools and fountain park playgrounds.